Performance Monitoring Plan

STEP 1:                    Log onto the Employee Portal

STEP 2: Click on the “Application/Sites” tab on the upper left-hand side

STEP 3:                    Under “My Applications”, Click on “Student Performance Indicators”. Click “Continue”.  You should see your classes (they are listed by course name, not period).

STEP 4:                    Click on the first class.  You’ll see a list of your students in that class.

STEP 5:                    For each student under the column titled “Test Scores” you can click on “See Scores” to see the students last three years of FCAT historical data.

STEP 6:                    To create the PMP, click on a class.  For each student, go all the way to the right side under the column titled “PMP Info”.   Click on “Selected Year” and select “2011-2012”.  At this time the actual PMP form will pop up.  The PMP page is made up of two sections:  Section I is the student’s demographic information which will already be populated for you.  The other section is Section II.  This is the actual PMP portion.  All you have to do is check off (√) the subject area for which you are creating the PMP (Reading, Writing, Science, OR Mathematics).  Once you check off (√) the subject area you are creating the PMP for, make sure to click on “SAVE DATA” at the bottom of the page.  The PMP is now complete.

Click on the back arrow to return to your class list.

Repeat the steps for each student.


MOST IMPORTANT:  When you pull up a student to create a PMP, and you select 2011-2012 and they already have a PMP started (this means that they already have a check mark next to math, science, reading, or writing), DO NOT uncheck any boxes!  It is possible for a student to have all of the boxes checked.

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