Science Laboratory & Technology Lab

Safety Rules and Contract


  • Know the primary and secondary exit routes from the classroom.
  • Know the location of and how to use the safety equipment in the classroom.
  • Work at your assigned seat unless obtaining equipment and chemicals.
  • Do not handle equipment or chemicals without the teacher’s permission.
  • Follow laboratory procedures as explained and do not perform unauthorized experiments.
  • Work quietly and cooperate with your lab partner.
  • Wear appropriate clothing, proper footwear, and eye protection.
  • Long hair should be tied in the back.
  • Report all accidents and possible hazards to the teachers.
  • Remove all unnecessary materials from the work area and completely clean up the work area after the experiment.
  • Always make safety your first consideration in the laboratory.
  • Miami-Dade County Public Schools has established an “Acceptable Use Policy for the Exploration and Utilization of the Internet as a Tool for Leaning.”  Students are expected to familiarize themselves with this policy which can be accessed at:
  • Do not log in to a school computer with another person’s computer ID and password.
  • Students may not transmit or download any inappropriate material according to the “Acceptable Use Policy” referenced above.
  • Students will use computers and other technological tools carefully and according to the directions given by their instructor.

Violation of the above stated rules will result in a student being restricted from laboratory and/or technology lab activities and given an alternative learning assignment and setting.

Science & Technology Lab Safety Contract:

I will:

  • Follow all instructions given by the teacher.
  • Protect eyes, face and hands, and body while conducting class activities.
  • Carry out good housekeeping practices.
  • Know where to get help fast.
  • Conduct myself in a responsible manner at all times in a laboratory situation and when using computers or other technological learning tools.

I, _______________________, have read and agree to abide by the safety and behavior regulations as set forth above and any additional printed instructions provided by the teacher. I further agree to follow all other written and verbal instructions given in class.

Student Signature: _________________Date: ___________________

Parent Signature: __________________Date: ___________________

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