NGSSS.SCI.6.SC.6.E.7.5 23.13% Explain how energy provided by the sun influences global patterns of atmospheric movement and the temperature differences between air, water, and land.
NGSSS.SCI.8.SC.8.P.8.4 28.44% Classify and compare substances on the basis of characteristic physical properties that can be demonstrated or measured; for example, density, thermal or electrical
conductivity, solubility, magnetic properties, melting and boiling points, and know that these properties are independent of the amount of the sample.
NGSSS.SCI.7.SC.7.N.1.2 33.78% Differentiate replication (by others) from repetition (multiple trials).
NGSSS.SCI.8.SC.8.L.18.4 35.45% Cite evidence that living systems follow the Laws of Conservation of Mass and Energy.
NGSSS.SCI.7.SC.7.P.10.3 36.95% Recognize that light waves, sound waves, and other waves move at different speeds in different materials.
NGSSS.SCI.8.SC.8.N.1.1 39.07% Define a problem from the eighth grade curriculum using appropriate reference materials to support scientific understanding, plan and carry out scientific investigations
of various types, such as systematic observations or experiments, identify variables, collect and organize data, interpret data in charts, tables, and graphics,
 analyze information, make predictions, and defend conclusions.
NGSSS.SCI.7.SC.7.L.15.2 40.55% Explore the scientific theory of evolution by recognizing and explaining ways in which genetic variation and environmental factors contribute to evolution
 by natural selection and diversity of organisms.
NGSSS.SCI.7.SC.7.P.11.4 40.83% Observe and describe that heat flows in predictable ways, moving from warmer objects to cooler ones until they reach the same temperature.
NGSSS.SCI.6.SC.6.L.14.2 41.26% Investigate and explain the components of the scientific theory of cells (cell theory): all organisms are composed of cells (single-celled or multi-cellular),
all cells come from pre-existing cells, and cells are the basic unit of life.
 FALL INTERIMS  Percent Proficiency

Cumulative 47.17%
NGSSS.SCI.6.SC.6.E.7.5 23.13%
NGSSS.SCI.8.SC.8.P.8.4 28.44%
NGSSS.SCI.7.SC.7.N.1.2 33.78%
NGSSS.SCI.8.SC.8.L.18.4 35.45%
NGSSS.SCI.7.SC.7.P.10.3 36.95%
NGSSS.SCI.8.SC.8.N.1.1 39.07%
NGSSS.SCI.7.SC.7.L.15.2 40.55%
NGSSS.SCI.7.SC.7.P.11.4 40.83%
NGSSS.SCI.6.SC.6.L.14.2 41.26%
NGSSS.SCI.6.SC.6.E.7.4 42.67%
NGSSS.SCI.7.SC.7.E.6.5 43.72%
NGSSS.SCI.6.SC.6.P.13.1 45.28%
NGSSS.SCI.8.SC.8.P.8.5 45.79%
NGSSS.SCI.7.SC.7.N.3.1 45.84%
NGSSS.SCI.8.SC.8.E.5.7 46.03%
NGSSS.SCI.8.SC.8.P.9.2 47.06%
NGSSS.SCI.6.SC.6.L.14.4 48.17%
NGSSS.SCI.7.SC.7.L.16.1 48.52%
NGSSS.SCI.8.SC.8.E.5.9 49.93%
NGSSS.SCI.8.SC.8.E.5.5 50.21%
NGSSS.SCI.7.SC.7.E.6.2 52.54%
NGSSS.SCI.7.SC.7.E.6.4 52.61%
NGSSS.SCI.6.SC.6.P.13.3 53.6%
NGSSS.SCI.7.SC.7.N.1.5 54.51%
NGSSS.SCI.8.SC.8.E.5.3 54.91%
NGSSS.SCI.7.SC.7.P.11.2 56.21%
NGSSS.SCI.6.SC.6.L.15.1 56.28%
NGSSS.SCI.7.SC.7.L.17.2 56.84%
NGSSS.SCI.6.SC.6.N.2.2 57.69%
NGSSS.SCI.7.SC.7.P.10.1 59.03%
NGSSS.SCI.6.SC.6.L.14.5 66.43%
NGSSS.SCI.6.SC.6.L.14.1 70.73%

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