Science Department Meeting

16 Aug


  1. Welcome Back!  Please open
  2. Open House  September 19th



3. Platoons & Squads for 2013-14

4.  Baseline/Interim Assessments – I will have 6th & 7th Grade Pre-tests available for next week with generic answer sheets.

Dates for Science are Friday, August 23 & Monday, August 26


Updated Essential Labs will be posted 8/16/13

Lab Keys – Hopefully we kept them (?) and only 3 people need new keys

Lab & Computer Contract (website)

Lab Calendar & Sign Up – please sign up and use the Labs ASAP! We need these classrooms!

Lab Clean Up –  Remember we have homerooms in the labs. So please be sure to secure equipment before you leave at the end of each day.

6. Take 25 textbooks to start school – we will start distribution after Baselines and Pre-tests

Don’t let anyone write in them! They aren’t class sets and you will need to distribute the books you are using to kick off.

7. We will be meeting every OTHER Thursday morning at 8:35AM in Room 123

(The Thursday that isn’t a payroll calculation date.)

First Official Meeting  August 22nd   Next meeting would be September 5th

8. Lab Fees collection starts September 5th– I will hand out green tickets and recaps at that department meeting

9. Celebrations? Let’s give Mrs. Morale a break this year. Who would like to be the Science Social Committee Chair?   Meetings this year Coffee of course (starting September 5th!) Donuts & cookies or no?

10.  Science Fair –  Mr. Juan will be our SRC Chair

Preliminary dates:

Science Fair Kick Off – September 3rd (officially with handouts & website)

Publicize our parent workshop at Open House  September 19th

September 25th  or 26th  How to Survive Your Child’s Science Fair Project 101

Final Projects Due November 1 & 4

Science Family Night  November 20th or 21st

Experiments & Engineering projects are OK

(Bridges, Mousetrap Car, & Water Rockets – Use SECME specifications from 2013)


Please have ready for start of school:

Classroom Rules & Procedures

Grading Criteria (Please do not make a project 10 grades -try to break it down into smaller components – More grades are better!)

(Note: You may give an extra credit grade for having all materials – You should not give an academic grade for having materials. & Remember – Two grades per week entered into Pinnacle on a weekly basis.)

Course Content/Goals & Objectives/Syllabus

Homework Policy

Instructional Materials & Resources

New bell schedule & importance of attendance & arriving at school on time


Have attendance entered by 9:30AM without fail! If grade book is schitzy call Ms. Camacho for a HR roster printout.

Professional Responsibilities – All teachers need to review/verify the Attendance Bulletin. Don’t email unless you see a problem.

Admits – Make sure they are signed by Camacho or Miller or stamped – Check if the absence was permissible or not – Change the grade book entry if warranted. Sign the admit & give back to the student.

Professional Responsibilities- If you are using a lab or are outside of your classroom call Ms. Camacho or Ms. Miller and let them know – the who, what, where, when ; how is not neccessary.

Also – Put a note on the door as well but this does not obviate the need to call the front office.


Schedule changes are 3 weeks behind requests due to the number of registrations every day

E-mail Ms. Venzel  & Ms. Fonseca  on changes that need to be made – they won’t get mad! Do NOT make ANY requests directly to Ms. Bree about schedule changes! Go through Counselors.

**** If you have a child in your class that failed with you previously – Let the counselors know – they will reschedule the student.

Don’t print out a kid’s schedule from your computer – Our portal runs 1 or 2 days behind the master schedule programs. Lost schedule = trip to counselor – Call the counselor first.

If you get an orange counselor meeting notice PLEASE give it to the student during homeroom.


  1. Hand in 5 Days Emergency Lesson plans to me  by Friday, August 23rd
  2. Please do NOT put on plans “Make copies of pages…” Copies need to be made before handing the Lesson Plans in.

Ms. Mundo will be collecting these from Department Chairs   August 26th.


PREPS will be video assignments coming SOON meanwhile SILENT READING.

AGENDA August 22nd –



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