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Meeting February 28, 2013

28 Feb

1. Celebration – Excellent food and much happy sharing! Thanks to everyone & especially our cruise director Roxy!

2. Try to make an INFOGRAPHIC:

Free sites:


ALSO РFun to browse for ideas  PINTEREST   go to the EDUCATION category Рreally creative ideas!

3. Bring a technology project to show off next week. Jackie is our leadoff and we will show off and admire our nifty project ideas.



11 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Science Department Meeting February 7, 2013

7 Feb

1. Any problems with 6th & 7th grade recommendations?

Remember 7th grade Mathematics Level 4/5 = Physical Science (unless the student is performing poorly in your class -D/F)

2. Homeroom Preps

Strategies to improve completion rates…

Ideas for future Homeroom Prep topics…