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Science Department Meeting Agenda 11/15/12 The LOVE FEST

15 Nov

1. You are all amazing!

We invited 500 students and more parents to our party and they showed up!


1. Color code the invitations so kids know what to check in for




2. Is the Spaghetti Dinner a Positive or not?

3. Powerpoint Investigations – If you like Powerpoint Investigations have your students do them or give the student the option of choosing  between a Science Fair project or Powerpoint Investigation. PLEASE DON’T MIX THE TWO UP AND HAVE THE BEST POWERPOINTS REDONE AS BOARDS.  Let’s try to enter some of our Powerpoints  from this year in the Google 2013 Online Science Fair.


First week of September KICKOFF Science Fair with students and hold Parent workshop that Wednesday night  “Welcome to JMC Science” – Discuss Science Fair-Bridges-Investigations Get the message out all JMC students must complete one – here are the expectations.

Six weeks later – at the end of the third week of October all projects are due to teachers to be evaluated.

The end of the fourth week of October teachers will send in:

A list of no more than 10 students to be recognized with a special award/certificate should be sent to the Special Awards/Certificate Chair. (Powerpoint INVESTIGATIONS fall in this category.

Completed final Science Fair boards ready to be judged- Boards that the teacher has evaluated as worthy of Honorable Mention (Our classrooms are the first level of competition) or higher  level awards should be sent to the Science Fair Chair. (Note: projects may be sent back our maximum for next year will be 150)

Completed bridges that meet the 2013 specifications will be sent to the Bridge Competition chair for consideration.  (Note: Some bridges may be sent back.)

The first week of November –

Chairs will meet to put together an order for the awards from the vendor.

Chairs will develop a master list of :

the certificates

science fair projects

& bridges

and  the event program to be handed out to teachers at the Thursday meeting before the Science Family Night.

Color-coded  Invitations will be handed out at the Thursday morning meeting for Science Family Night the next Wednesday.


Registration/Check in took too long

We need to do something to make Custodial love Science – they were super late with setup no microphone podium or award table….

We missed the child of one of our own!

We also need to welcome Mrs. Morales, our new science teacher to the department… Mrs. Sapp is so sincerely sorry for this mistake.

On a happier note – Mrs Coats is now part of the Science Department! She is our official photographer and stayed till the bitter end knocking down the boards in 5inch heels!   Special thanks to the entire Knock Down team – Mr. Juan, Mrs. Martin, Mr. Teas, Mr. Alvarez and Ms. Coats.

The Excellent and Honorable Mention boards will be returned during first block today – Most of the Superior projects will returned tomorrow first block.

All science teachers are invited to a 20 minute meeting Thursday afternoon 3:55-4:15PM  ROOM 123 to determine which 15 projects will represent the school at the District Fair.

Friday morning we will recognize any students that were at the ceremony and didn’t get called up at all for their awards on the School News – also 1st 2nd and 3 Place by grade level AND give the KINDLE FIRE

Please let me know as soon as possible about forgotten children.


AGENDA 11/8/12

5 Nov

1. Science Family Night

Science Department AGENDA 11-1-12

1 Nov

1. Coach Gomez HIV Education Updates

2. Ms. Morales – Certificats

3. Science Fair Deadlines

4. Edmoto Group