Science Department Meeting AGENDA 10/18/12

18 Oct

1. Lab Fees

If you are uncomfortable with recapping Lab Fees then STOP collecting until we get more green tickets. We will NOT be using 2 different kinds of receipt systems.

2. EDMOTO 101  with a little iCPALMS thrown in!

3. November 14th – Science Family Night

Kinds of Awards – Classroom achievement – improvement:

Certificates with Lapel/drape ribbons

Science Fair –  Medals  Superior & Excellent projects

Trophy  1st   2nd   3rd Place  Grade Level

Top Bridges – Plaque w/ Photo

(Need a team to run the crushing event!)

5:30-6:30 View Projects – Votes for Best Project (25cents per vote)

(Prize new mini-iPAD?)

5:45-6:15 Bridge Crushing

6:30  Grade Six  -??? minutes

Grade Seven – ??? minutes

Grade Eight – ??? minutes

Science Fair Medals & Trophies

Bridges Plaques (top 3 bridges)

7:30 GO HOME!!!



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