Science Department Meeting 10/11/12

11 Oct

1. Hand out SIP PLAN for Data Binders – Science & Reading

2. Effective Vocabulary Strategies  –  PLAN DAY

November 6th   Div. of Language Arts

South Region – Paul Bell Middle School – 11800 NW 2 Street, Miami

3. PMPs – Students in danger of failing – SERIOUSLY low baseline

4. STUDENT DATA CHATS – Science 8th Grade – ?

5. Homeroom Preps – Feedback?

6. Electronic Gradebook – 1 grade per week minimum  2 grades recommended

7. Interim testing sheets must be scanned by November 2nd

MakeUps – completed and scanned by Nov. 2-5

8. $$$$$ Title 1 Science Materials to enhance – Send ideas FAST

Would we like to attend a Science conference as a department?

Technology requests are getting shot down- (prob. because of bond)

9. ESSAC Requests – Smaller budget $6000 – Department requests

10. Bridge sales – Board sales Flyer going our Friday – Please get me a

rough # of interested students by Friday.

11. Paper is on the way – (& other supplies) 1 ream for printing

Copy process – Any glitches?

12. iTECH LOUNGE coming online! 2 weeks! Also Check out Mac cart

13. Start thinking about awards for Family Night – ideas to improve

14. Discovery Learning – Do we want a 3 hour refresher?

15. CPALMS to iCPALMS? EDMOTO? Please set up your accounts!

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