AGENDA Meeting August 17, 2012

17 Aug

1. Welcome Back!

2. Micky is in Motion Plan

3. Platoons & Squads

4. 8th Grade Interim Assessment will be done on computers this year-

Starts the week of September 4th

6th & 7th Please set up & run the Quarterly assessments

5. Lab & Computer Contract

6. Lab Sign Up – please sign up and use the Labs ASAP! We need these classrooms.

7. Take 25 textbooks to start school – we will start distribution Thursday & Friday of next week.

8. We will be meeting every Thursday morning at 8:35AM in Room 123

9. Where should we put the Univision Models?

10. Lab Fees collection starts week of August 27th – I will hand out green tickets and recaps at the department meeting next week.

11. Are we eating or dieting now? Meeting coffee & snacks   – Also Lunch adjustments for August/September Birthday Lunch Celebration


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