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AGENDA Department Meeting August 30, 2012

29 Aug



I had nightmares that rain was leaking in and wetting all of our textbooks this weekend – so we will not delay any longer – please take one copy of the textbook for each of your students – Again EXACT count.

Print a copy of your roster (with the student ID #) and have the students sign that they have been issued a textbook (PLEASE keep the book in your classroom – only “check” books out if a parent requests it in writing or by phone call)

Please send me a copy of the signed roster once you have distributed all of the books. When students move from one class to another send the book with the student. (We just need to demonstrate that 1907 Pearson texts are being used by student xy ID 123)

1. Lab fees – Each teacher needs to sign out their green materials receipts with

Mrs. Martinez, our treasurer, today in the afternoon. HOW TO is in the PAGES

2. Where is it in the Lab? See PAGES


4. Open House – Sept 19th Currently 7:00-9:00

Trying to move to 6:00-8:00PM more info at Faculty Meeting 9/4/12

Please have ready the following by then (if not before):

Classroom Rules & Procedures

Grading Criteria (Please do not make a project 10 grades -try to break it down into smaller components – More grades are better!)

(Note: You may give an extra credit grade for having all materials – You should not give an academic grade for having materials)

Two grades per week entered into Pinnacle on a weekly basis.

Course Content/Goals & Objectives/Syllabus

Homework Policy

Instructional Materials & Resources

Parent Portal (There will be personnel available that evening to hand out PINs!)

Importance of attendance & arriving at school on time


Have attendance entered by 9:30AM without fail! If grade book is schitzy call Ms. Casanova for a HR roster printout.

Professional Responsibilities – All teachers need to review/verify the Attendance Bulletin. Don’t email unless you see a problem.

Admits – Make sure they are signed by Camacho or Miller or stamped – Check if the absence was permissible or not – Change the grade book entry if warranted. Sign the admit & give back to the student.

Professional Responsibilities- If you are using a lab or are outside of your classroom call Ms. Camacho or Ms. Miller and let them know – the who, what, where, when ; how is not neccessary. Good idea to put a note on the door as well but this does not obviate the need to call the front office.


1. Leveling will occur after the District level FTE and authorization for new teachers is complete – Could be as late as mid-October.

2. Schedule changes are 3 weeks behind requests due to the ENORMOUS number of registrations every day (2025)

3. Keep e-mailing Ms. Venzel ALO & Ms. Fonseca LuZ on changes that need to be made – they won’t get mad! Do NOT make ANY requests directly to Ms. Bree about schedule changes! Go through Counselors.

If you get an orange counselor meeting notice PLEASE give it to the student during homeroom.

Mrs. Vega-Castillo is handling schedule issues for the Cambridge students.


1. Hand in 5 Days Emergency Lesson plans to me by September 7th NOT Ms. Bree – If you are absent without lesson plans I will tap these plans once you get down to 2 days I will ask for a refresh. (Hint- Grab 25-35 the Mastering the FCAT booklets for your grade level to serve as emergency plans.)

Mrs. Bree will be sending a list of teachers that are absent to the department chairs so we can provide support as needed to your sub.



Tuesday РFriday SILENT READING  Encourage AR books/testing/points

You may offer extra credit to students who meet their AR goal each 9 weeks

as FCAT Skills (Just don’t use the extra credit category! Put extra credit in the title)


ASSESSMENT PROBES – Presented by Mr. Teas

Agenda Science Department Meeting 8/23/12

21 Aug

1.A. Eighth Grade Baseline Assessment will take place next

Wednesday & Thursday 8/29 and 8/30

Do 6th & 7th grade want to use the same dates?

1.B.  Science Fair РDates & Procedures

1.C. SECME Project types & Mini-Grants due Oct. 5th $100-800

2. Lab Keys

3. Dissection

4. Lab Fees – collection procedure

5. Science Field trips, Speakers & Presentations

6. Kerns Everglades Movie presentation – Anyone interested?

7. Open House September 19th

8. NSTA Critical Thinking Probes – Mr. Teas

AGENDA Meeting August 17, 2012

17 Aug

1. Welcome Back!

2. Micky is in Motion Plan

3. Platoons & Squads

4. 8th Grade Interim Assessment will be done on computers this year-

Starts the week of September 4th

6th & 7th Please set up & run the Quarterly assessments

5. Lab & Computer Contract

6. Lab Sign Up – please sign up and use the Labs ASAP! We need these classrooms.

7. Take 25 textbooks to start school – we will start distribution Thursday & Friday of next week.

8. We will be meeting every Thursday morning at 8:35AM in Room 123

9. Where should we put the Univision Models?

10. Lab Fees collection starts week of August 27th – I will hand out green tickets and recaps at the department meeting next week.

11. Are we eating or dieting now? Meeting coffee & snacks   РAlso Lunch adjustments for August/September Birthday Lunch Celebration