Science Department Meeting January 26th

26 Jan



(Grade 6 SC.6.L.15:   Benchmark SC.6.L.15.1

Section 1 – Multiple  Choice: 19, 58    2 pts. possible –

Analyze and describe how and why organisms are classified according to shared characteristics with emphasis on the Linnaean system combined with the concept of Domains. 18%)

Note: Changes to FCAT/School Grades this year ESE & ESOL

2.   Thank you for Science Family Night – suggestions for next year:

Next year:
–  More swag:  The JMC Science Achievement Trophy / Medal / Drape / Pin
–  Bigger event/ More spreadout – SECME Projects  & Model/Demos
–  Sixth Grade – Limited & Directed Project topics
          Seventh Grade – 2 tier  Directed menu of topics or self chosen topic
                    Eighth Grade – Design it myself/my team(2)
                                    Require a research plan at all grade levels.
 Achievement Awards – Certificates  Ms. Morales will coordinate
Science Fair –
           Coordinator Sapp
           Mr Juan SRC
           Ms. DeVera  Intel Rules Wizard & documentation / research plan
  SECME – ??
            Engineering projects – models
            Demonstration of a scientific principle ( research paper investigation/
SECME. Water rocket, mousetrap car, bridge,
Move dates earlier in the year:  Hold the Fair – November 7th, 2012
2 workshops   –    Teacher science fair workshop August 2012
                      Parent student night presentation September 1st How to…

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