AGENDA October 20, 2011

20 Oct

1. Mr. Silva

2. Science Preps – Old Reading Essentials books – lesson ideas

3. Interims – & resource tests will be run Winter & Spring


Per Mr. Silva this morning-

1. Very soon all Science teachers will have 4 student computer stations in their classrooms! (Counting the current desktop as a student station)

E-mail Dr. Canales how many desktop computers you have in your classroom – This is step 1 to get the new computers!

2. The Mac Labs & Carts will be available very soon therefore:

Research ipad apps that will be useful and bring that info to the department meeting next week so we can compile a list of apps we would like rated by priority – Try to scout out good free apps as well!

If you are interested in probeware — research what is available that is compatible with the ipad & bring the info to our meeting next week.

3. Mr. Silva emphasized that good care of the equipment will be essential. A training session will be held on a Saturday for teachers that want to use the Mac Lab resources.

4. To ensure that students (and their families) are aware of the requirements of responsible use of the school’s materials & equipment     a combination Lab Safety Contract – Technology/Equipment Use Contract & Internet Use Contract will be developed.  The draft version will be shared at the next meeting for review.  By November 7th we should have a final version ready to go out for student & parent signature.

5. Upcoming meeting Topics:

October 27th Meeting – Technology

November 3rd   Science Fair – How Are We Going to Make this Work

6.  Edusoft scanner on the 2nd floor is not working correctly.  Possibly a cable issue. 
7. Lab rooms red button needs to be turned off before leaving- Carlos will instruct us how to check that it is properly off.- Homerooms in labs may be responsible for having it left on in the past.


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