Meeting Agenda September 15, 2011

15 Sep


Pearson pulled off their materials- the rest of the books are ours!

I will start dividing and sending the books up to your rooms tomorrow.


2. Lab Fee Material Receipts

This is all you have to do:

1. Make sure you know the total number of students you have & sign out that number of receipts from Carmen Martinez.

Be sure to get Recap sheets as well.  Write a receipt to the student  – Write the student’s name and receipt number on the recap

Give the receipt to the student and give the recap and cash to Carmen daily. There is no need to put the student’s ID number on the recap.

I would highly recommend that you print a roster of all of your classes from gradebook and enter the receipt number next to each student’s name as they pay.


3. If you have Quicktime 7.0 you can download Pearson movies to your computer in advance of your class.


4. Supplies Order going out Monday!

5. How to set up a Parent Survey for your website – Everyone does have a website?Call Mr. Hamdan or email him the info & he will link it to the school site.

6. Science Fair announcement will be on the website next week. Do we want to sell science board through the Department to raise funds?

The foldover Science Fair booklets will be ready to distribute Monday and Tuesday.

7. Open House is Tuesday – Get your Adopt A Classroom information in place and make a Donor’s Choose project – The Gates Foundation is giving $100 to all Donor’s Choose teachers that make a 2 minute video about teaching.





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