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Science Department Meeting September 22,2011

22 Sep

1. Homeroom Prep  – Sept 26  & Ideas for October

2. Codes for Recaps  Object  4429    Program 5007     Function  0762

3. Science Fair  – Start thinking about structure Family Night Certificates/ Trophies & Medals Prizes

4. Textbook Cart will be visiting Mrs. Vargas Mrs. Bustos & Mrs. Rodriguez during 1st period today!

5. September 22nd is Mold Removal Day!

6. All the departments liked the idea of having Mrs. Santana in charge of the paper – No more counting out 135 pages!

7. Social Committee Dues $25.00   Good Parties this year!

Meeting Agenda September 15, 2011

15 Sep


Pearson pulled off their materials- the rest of the books are ours!

I will start dividing and sending the books up to your rooms tomorrow.


2. Lab Fee Material Receipts

This is all you have to do:

1. Make sure you know the total number of students you have & sign out that number of receipts from Carmen Martinez.

Be sure to get Recap sheets as well.  Write a receipt to the student  – Write the student’s name and receipt number on the recap

Give the receipt to the student and give the recap and cash to Carmen daily. There is no need to put the student’s ID number on the recap.

I would highly recommend that you print a roster of all of your classes from gradebook and enter the receipt number next to each student’s name as they pay.


3. If you have Quicktime 7.0 you can download Pearson movies to your computer in advance of your class.


4. Supplies Order going out Monday!

5. How to set up a Parent Survey for your website – Everyone does have a website?Call Mr. Hamdan or email him the info & he will link it to the school site.

6. Science Fair announcement will be on the website next week. Do we want to sell science board through the Department to raise funds?

The foldover Science Fair booklets will be ready to distribute Monday and Tuesday.

7. Open House is Tuesday – Get your Adopt A Classroom information in place and make a Donor’s Choose project – The Gates Foundation is giving $100 to all Donor’s Choose teachers that make a 2 minute video about teaching.





14 Sep


Meeting Agenda September 8, 2011


1. Why aren’t the 6th & 7th grade baselines scored yet?

Problems with getting to 94% completion with the 8th grade.

Finally reached that magic number Friday, Sept.9th – Week of Sept. 12th will finish grades 6 & 7.

2. Please remember that the pallets of materials in the storage room are for the District Training sessions   🙂

3. When can we start collecting Lab fees?

Carmen had the materials fees receipts – You must sign them out with her as you would a receipt book and keep close track of all numbered receipts. 

The receipts you write should be listed on the recap sheet with the student name and receipt number money should be handed in to Carmen daily as you receive it.

I will go over the exact procedure Thursday,  September 15th.

4. Websites –

Weebly is blocked but WordPress is almost as easy and it isn’t blocked.Other options:

The word from “The Man” (District IT Department) : “We have Collaboration sites that provide this kind of functionality. If you would like to have some training on using the Collaboration sites, please submit a Heat ticket requesting same. If you would prefer to have your own website (not class collaboration) go to Records & Forms and fill out form # 6158 and fax to the number on the form.”

Class collaboration is also fairly easy just not pretty!

I highly recommend

5. IPDP – Timeline & Format

Links to the form timeline and how to manual are on another tab.

I will have a sample to share at the meeting September 15th.
6. Homeroom Prep – Scientific Method daily?
Thank you Mr. Ramirez!

7. Supplies order – Going once Going twice – Only 7th grade will get supplies at this rate!

Seventh grade is still ahead – Thank you Mrs. DeVera!

And Thank you Mrs. Lorente for your order!
8. Official Science Fair start date & timeline
Kickoff September 15/16  – Due November 17/18
(   ) Purely online? –

(   ) Full scale multi-page photocopied packet?


(XXX  ) 1 page foldover – 4 minipages with important info for parents? And links on the school websites

NOTE: One of the Fairchild Challenge Options is a Science Fair Project on Botany – We may want to look at double dipping!

9. How to set up a Parent Survey Demo – at the 9/15 Meeting

10. Hilda is good with the Science paper box for photocopies – trying to set that up for next week.

11. Did anything get fixed?
Ms. Busto printer? Decision – possession – requesting new printer.
Ms. DeVera’s desks? Mr. Teas is fixing them!
SMARTBOARD software install? Mr. Teas fixed them!

12. No promises but we may be getting NEW computers …soon

We are awaiting info re Baptist Hospital financial grants. Which leads to:

13. DONORS CHOOSE easy to write! Adopt a Classroom even easier!

14. New problems?




Both for teachers and for students – it is very slow to load & 


often completely shuts down. Contacting District Science & Textbook Office




One positive the EXAMVIEW correlation to the new text will be up SOON!




1. We had to get the 8th grade baselines completely finished by this week – All 6th & 7th will be scored next week.




Meeting – THURSDAY – August 25, 2011

1. Interim Assessments

Breakout & Handout 

2. Textbook Training – Next training here is only chairs & coaches – 
Will keep you posted.

3. Keys – Soon

4. Materials Receipts & Recaps – soon

5. Donors Choose & Adopt A Classroom – Please write up a project!

6. Fairchild Luncheon Saturday.

7. Problems? Things that would make your teaching day better?


1.    Official meetings are 1st and 3rd Thursday(Timed Sign In)

Collaborative Planning meetings are 2nd & 4th 

2.    Textbooks will be “soon”, ditto keys & receipts for lab fees.

7. -Photocopying 


–       Ms. Busto – Printer issue – trying direct USB connection v. network.

–       Ms. DeVera – Several broken desks – her children get seasick from listing to port.


–       SMARTBOARDS – Need to reinstall software for the following SMARTS  BUSTO DEVERA MANTECON & LORENTE


Major Issue- For the FIFTH year the Science Department has NO student computers – the only department in the school that does not have computers for student use AND the department with the highest level of technological expertise in the building.

– SCIENCE FAIR  Let’s start soon – Send me copies of any information you would like to include in our e-Handbook 🙂 
Projects should be finished and ready to be judged before Thanksgiving.
Our Cambridge Family Science Night with Spaghetti Dinner  & Circuses
will be January 12, 2012.

– Materials for Labs to match the new books – Please send me lists of materials we need for this nine weeks labs.



2. PLC Professional Development credit finally entered! Check that you received your credits.

3. NOVELS in Science – So far:
6th Grade is reading:
1st Semester:
“George’s Secret Key to the Universe” (5.5 reading level)
2nd Semester:
“George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt”
(7.3 reading level)
Both books are part of a series by Lucy and Stephen Hawkings, which incidentally are graduates from the University of Cambridge.
7th Grade is reading

“City of Ember”
“Journey to the Center of the Earth”
“Talking Earth”

8th grade is reading –
Selections from A Short History of Almost Everything Bryson
An Audience For Einstein  Mark Wakely
Stowaway or Rising Phoenix both by Karen Hesse

The Rock from Mars: A Detective Story on Two Planets     Sawyer
Selections from Red Mars (The Martians Trilogy)
Jurassic Park Michael Crighton

4. Computers:

– Many people don’t use their computers – how can we get them where they will be used?
Possibly if Priority Access to the Labs was given to classes with no computers?
– Ask ESSAC for $5,500 for 11 computers
– Ask PTSA to fundraise through a Yard Sale or other major event $20,000 for fully outfit an additional  3 computers per science classroom.

5. How to use the eyewash & shower & How to turn them off.

6. We will be using Materials Receipts & Recaps for Science Lab fees. We will go over the procedure and calendar next week. $5.00 Lab Fee

7. Look over your new books especially the lab components – so we can start putting together purchases by grade level … 7th Grade needs something Jazzier than a sheep’s eye…

8. SCIENCE FAIR – Let’s Do This People! Projects completed before Thanksgiving.
District Fair is 2nd week in January Saturday – SECME too!

9. What else do you need for me to find out, do, buy, sign or inveigle?



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13 Sep

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